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Adventure Dog Interview #2: Zoë, Cody, Buster, & Kai

I met our interviewee through Instagram! I was looking for dogs to photograph in Dublin and I reached out to gonetotheanimalz. Zoë responded and was so nice! She agreed to meet with me at Phoenix Park with her dog Cody.

I enjoyed getting to meet both Cody and Zoë. I enjoyed our session so much! I have enjoyed following Zoë’s journey through her Instagram and also her new dog training Instagram, k9_misfits.

Here are all of Zoë’s answers to my questions

Can you introduce yourself and your dogs?

Hi, my name is Zoë. I am 18 years old. I own three dogs, Cody a six-year-old husky, Buster a 17-year-old Jack Russell mix, and Kai a 1-year-old Belgian Malinois. Cody is the most independent out of the three and is the most adventurous. He loves nothing more than to be outside wild and free. Cody is also the friendliest, we call him the gentle giant. He puts a smile on everyone’s face everywhere we go. Buster is our little pound dog. we rescued him in 2003 from Ashton Pound and he was my first ever dog. He thought me everything I know about dogs. I describe him as my little shadow as he has never left my side from the moment we got him. Also, don’t let his age fool you, he still acts like a little puppy and can hike the tallest mountain in Ireland to this day. Kai is the baby of the pack. We rescued him from the DSPCA in 2017. He is the troublemaker of the pack, yet he is super smart and obedient.

Cody, Buster, and Kai on a hike

What kind of activities do you do with your dog?

I do a lot of activities with my dogs including, a lot of dog sports such as agility, canicross, obedience, bikejoring, scent work. My favorite is definitely hiking. I bring my dogs everywhere with me so whatever I’m doing they come along too.

What do you consider an “adventure” with your dog?

I consider an adventure an exciting trip with your dog where you both experience a fun tale and discover new places and things.

Zoë and Cody on an adventure!

What’s your dogs’ favorite things to do?

Cody’s favorite thing to do is to hike off lead. He loves being free and being able to run around. He especially loves hikes involving water as he adores swimming. He also loves canicross as he loves to run and be around so many people and other dogs.
Kai’s favorite thing to do is obedience and bikejoring. Kai just loves to work. Any dog sport you throw at him he tackles with ease. He loves to please and will do anything to make me happy.
Buster’s favorite thing to do is to cuddle on the sofa. He loves being close to me so every night before bed we sit and watch some tv. Right now we are watching I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

What is one of your favorite experiences with your dog?

My favorite experience with my dogs was definitely camping with them in Tipperarry right beside a mountain range. It was so nice to be away from everyday life and to solely have a dogs’ company. Every morning we would take to the trails and the views were amazing and the dogs loved it.

Cody, an agility champ!

Anything else fun you do with your dog?

We compete in many dog sports and dog shows and have a whole display case filled with awards from obedience, canicross, and best in show, etc.

Thank you so much, Zoë, for sharing with us! It sounds like you do so many fun things with dogs. Go follow her over at gonetotheanimalz and k9_misfits.


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