I am an American-Irish solo world explorer who travels with her rescue pup. This is a place for dog & travel lovers to come together to share tips & more. We want to inspire you to go on adventures with your best (furry) friends!



5 Reasons to Collaborate with The Nomad Pup

1. Engaged Audience

The Nomad Pup is a micro-influencer meaning even though our Instagram page doesn’t have as many followers they are engaged and loyal. They love seeing what The Nomad Pup is up to!

2. Pictures with a Cute Pup

Get a picture of The Nomad Pup wearing YOUR swag around the world. You can use this picture of this cute puppy in your own marketing materials.

3. Business Knowledge

Molly, the CEO & Founder of The Nomad Pup, is a summa cum laude graduate from the #1 college for entrepreneurship, Babson College. She works closely with collaboration, sharing her business expertise.

4. Your Goals are #1 Priority

Each collaboration is focused on what your goals are. The Nomad Pup looks to create the most value for both of us while achieving your goals.

5. Unbeatable Story

Do you know of anyone else who adopted a puppy just to travel Europe with her? The Nomad Pup is a story you won’t hear anywhere else.

Ready to collaborate? Email us at team@thenomadpup.com