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Dog-friendly Chania, Crete

Thinking of heading to Chania, Crete with your dog? Wondering how dog-friendly Chania is? Here are a few things to keep in mind!

Old Town

The tourist part of Chania is perfect for dogs. It is mostly all pedestrian only (although that seems to include scooters as well) and very walkable. The old part of the city is located right on the water next to a lighthouse. There isn’t a port there, so there are no ferries or boats, making it a beautiful view. The walk from one side of the water to the lighthouse and back is a bit of a hike, perfect for energetic dogs but maybe skip walking all the way to the lighthouse if you don’t have the energy!

 The more “city” part of Chania is a bit harder to walk with your dog because the sidewalks are small and busy, and the streets are very busy with cars. Just be careful so stick to the pedestrian areas!

Enjoying a meal in Chania while Atlas rests!


All of the shops in the centre have outdoor seating, many with a covering. Atlas and I ate at several of these restaurants and saw dogs at others as well. Some will allow them inside as well, but it is nice to sit outside anyways! Keep in mind the restaurants along the water are pricier than what you would find elsewhere, but you can’t beat the view.

Stray Dogs and Cats

There are a good number of stray, or free roaming, dogs in the area. One dog we saw almost every time we went to center. He had a collar, but I never saw his owner and he was in different places each day. Sometimes a few dogs travel together, which is when you have to be more careful. Overall the strays are very friendly though. There are lots of stray cats as well, no matter where you are. Keep that in mind if your dog isn’t a fan of cats, although they do seem to stay out of your way!

Tongues for days!


Atlas was welcomed into all the shops we visited! One was a souvenir shop where we bought a bag to to carry Atlas in, and the other a bookshop where we both a journal. We also had to stop by the Vodafone store twice to top up my phone. He stayed in the bag during those visits and there was no problems, even one of the store employees telling me to let him go free! Just be courteous when shopping, some places don’t mind, but others might – especially if you have a big dog!

Atlas enjoying the walk along the water!

Overall, Chania is such a fun city to explore with your dog! It is very picturesque with the sea right next to the shops and the snow covered mountains in view behind you. If you are thinking of exploring the Greek islands with your pup, definitely stop by Chania!

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