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Dog-Friendly Kalathas Beach in Crete, Greece

Last weekend, Atlas and I set off and drove about 40 minutes east towards Stavros Beach. On our way we saw another beautiful beach with a parking area. So we pulled over and explored what turned out to be Kalathas Beach.

The gorgeous beach of Kalathas!

Kalathas Beach

Kalathas Beach a relatively small beach, but it was completely clean and so beautiful. Several people were out sunbathing (in early March!) and running along the beach. People were also swimming in the sea!

Atlas and I kept to the left side away from the sunbathers so we wouldn’t bother them. We didn’t see any other dogs while we were there but there were other footprints so they must have been there before!

To the left side of the beach are steps and rocky terrain. We explored over there and discovered a little hidden beach with no one there!

Atlas loved playing in the little tidepools in the rocks. Once though he didn’t realize he was stepping into the sea and went for a little swim!

Atlas soaking up the sand and sea!


The beach also had a tap and bathrooms. We didn’t check out the bathrooms, but I assume during the touristy season they will be maintained. There was a lifeguard stand but no one was there.

While there are no restaurants or bars on the beach, we drove by several in the close vicinity. They weren’t open in the off season, but definitely would be in the summer!

The left side of the beach with hidden areas within the rocks


If you want to make Kalathas Beach your destination, instead of stumbling upon it like I did, it is located in Akrotiri. It’s about a 30 minute drive from Chania. It’s not far from the Technical University of Crete. While I did not see any buses in March, there is a good chances local buses will get you pretty close to the beach since it isn’t far outside the center of Chania!


In the off season, this is a great beach to visit! I would play it by year during the touristy season to see how many people are on the beach as you don’t want your dog digging and getting sand over the sunbathers! Try the rocky area to the left if you are looking for a quieter area. Also, you can drive 10 more minutes to Stavros Beach (which is what we did)!

Overall, Kalathas Beach is absolutely beautiful with a clean beach, calm waters, and gorgeous views. Your dog and you will love it!

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