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dog waiting at a market for food

Dog-Friendly Market in Dublin: People’s Park

When you think of Dublin, the first thought that comes to your mind might not be “outdoor markets.” Yet, you would be surprised at how many fun markets Dublin has, even year round. This week I went to one in Dun Laoghaire that happens every Sunday in People’s Park. It is probably the most dog-friendly market you can find. It is like doggy heaven.

Food Stalls

There are so many options for food. I always have to walk around at least twice before I decide what I am getting. Last time I ended up with a burger, dumplings, and a samosa. The stalls are all dog-friendly because you can walk right up to make your order while your dog stays by your side. Sometimes there is a bit of a line depending on the weather and how popular the stall is but it is worth it to wait. Plus your dog might meet some friends while waiting!

dog with family waiting to get food
Dog-friendly market in Dublin at People’s Park

Open Green Area

In the middle of a horse-shoe of stalls is an open green lawn. It is perfect for sitting down in the sun and snacking on your food. Your dog can lounge beside you or sit alert waiting for a crumb to fall! A dog-friendly market that allows you to eat right next to your dog is a good one in my book. If you aren’t into sitting on the ground, just outside the park is a picnic area where both you and your dog are welcome!

People's Park in Dun Laoghaire
A view of part of the market. No one on the green today because it was wet!

Cute Shops

When I was at People’s Park on Sunday, I ended up coming home with an adorable 5 euro plant. I am just waiting for it to bloom into beautiful pink flowers! I also saw Bluetooth hats, books, and more. You never know what kind of treasures you’ll find. There is even a food stand so you can do get some produce before heading home. There is nothing quite like shopping with your dog.

Sign with food at a market outside
It is so hard to choose what to get!

Dogs, dogs, and more dogs!

I can’t not mention just how many dogs I always see at the market! Dublin is really a dog-friendly market to the extreme. You can go one minute without seeing a new dog. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors! Your dog might just make a new friend!

I can not recommend People’s Park Sunday market more as a dog-friendly market. I love going there to try new food, do some shopping, and look at all the different dogs. You won’t go wrong by adding this market to your schedule.


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