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Dog-Friendly Stavros Beach in Crete, Greece

Located just east of Chania is a beach with calm waters right next to a mountain. The main beach is a bay, allowing shallow waters away from winds. Next to the beach is a rocky area along the shore perfect for exploring with an energetic pup! Stavros Beach was definitely dog friendly!

Our Trip

Atlas and I explored Stavros Beach last weekend, during early March. It was very quiet. There were only a few people hanging out on the beach. A large caravan was set up on the rocks. We weren’t bothered at all as we explored. We had a ton of fun climbing on the rocks located next to the beach.

When we arrived, I was a bit underwhelmed at first, especially after being at another beautiful beach. The longer we stayed, the more I appreciated the beauty. It was low tide, so the water in the bay wasn’t all the way up. The contrast of the calm bay with the large mountain next to it had a sense of wonder to it. The rocky terrain also added to the atmosphere of the place, making it feel like we were somewhere not from this world.


There were a few restaurants right next to the beach, but they were closed as they were renovating and getting ready for the summer season. They both had outdoor seating areas so dogs would be more than welcome.

We saw two dogs wandering around who belonged to the restaurant, and one more with people on the beach. All three of them weren’t on leashes, but the beach was also very quiet.


Atlas loved exploring both the beach and rocky area. It was a beautiful area and we would highly recommend you to check it out with your dog if you are in the area! You definitely need a car to get there though, as it is very remote. Also, on your way there look behind you to see the beautiful snow covered mountains. I didn’t catch it until we were on our way back!

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