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Dog Photo Shoot in Phoenix Park

Last weekend I did my first dog photo shoot! I had reached out to Zoi on Instagram asking if I could take pictures of Cody, her husky. She kindly agreed and we arranged to meet at Phoenix Park. Here are a few takeaways from that experience!


When deciding where to go, think about where will have a lot of interesting backgrounds. The whole composition of the photo is important, including what is behind the dog. We were lucky to go to an area of Phoenix Park that had trees, water, rocks, and flowers so we had a lot of options of where to take photos. Phoenix Park is huge so we could have probably found a lot of other places too! I highly recommend Phoenix Park as a location in Dublin for your dog photo shoot due to the number of location options. Also, make sure you have the meeting location down if you are meeting the dog there, as we were both waiting for the other at different spots!

husky posing in front of leaves
Think about different locations and backgrounds for your dog photo shoot!


The hardest part of the dog photo shoot was getting Cody to look at the camera. There were so many things going on that looking around was more exciting than looking at the camera. A camera is very boring compared to other dogs, kids, and birds! Cody is not very treat motivated and Zoi said he isn’t toy motivated either. For dogs that are either it would probably help to have a treat or a toy over near the camera for them to look at! Make sure to actually reward them after you get the picture.


It helped that Zoi was there to get Cody into position while I got the camera ready. I am still learning about photography and how to shoot in manual mode so it often takes me a little bit to get the settings correct. It was great having Zoi there to position Cody and keep him in place while I was messing with the settings. I hope as I get better I’ll be spending less time changing the settings and more time paying attention to the composition of the picture.

Cody loves to look anywhere but the camera!

Go With The Flow

There were some locations that did not turn out the way I had thought or Cody was completely uninterested with the camera – but that is okay! I took so many photos, I think over 300 that day. I widdled that down to 100 that I shared with Zoi and from that I will probably have 5 to 10 that I spend time editing and will share across my social platforms. Some of the best pictures were unexpected when Cody was just sitting looking happy even when we didn’t ask him to!

The leaves were gorgeous at this time of year!

Keep The Dog in Mind

We kept the shoot very relaxed, which also helped Cody as we kept asking him to sit in a lot of strange places. He just wanted to walk! So we made sure to mix it up and not stay in one place for too long. If he wasn’t happy one place, then we went to another. Zoi had gone on a run with Cody that morning which tired him out a little bit so he was more willing to stand and pose for the camera. I was also a new person with a new strange device, so I made sure to introduce myself to him first and let him sniff the camera. He was very open to me and the camera so we got along just fine!

Overall, this was a great dog photo shoot experience! I had a great dog model and handler which made it so much easier. Phoenix Park is an awesome place to go photograph, dogs or not, so I recommend checking it out! Hopefully, I will have some more dog photo shoots coming up I can share with you! Make sure to get Zoi out on her Instagram gonetotheanimalz.

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