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Hiking & Geocaching: Westhampton’s Greenberg Family Conservation Area

There’s no lack of beautiful scenery in Western Massachusetts and in particular, Westhampton. A perfect place to bring your dogs and enjoy the beautiful trees and water is a new conservation area, thanks to the Greenberg Family. Stanley and Bernice Greenberg bought this piece of land in 1955 and lived there for years with their two daughters. More than 60 years later, the family donated their 65 acres to the Kestrel Land Trust. Now the area has several trails for you and your dog to explore.

Clementine & Comet are ready to go on an adventure!

This past Friday, we had warm beautiful weather, surprising for the beginning of January. My mom, her two Goldens, her friend & her dog, and myself took to the trails and also decided to do a bit of geocaching in the area. Several hidden treasures are alongside the trails thanks to the Geocaching community in the area.

Wally showing off the map at the beginning of the conservation area

Greenberg Family Conservation Area has several trails. Currently there is the yellow, red, white, and blue trails. They loop around and connect giving you several options for how long you want your hike to be. The trails are well maintained making it more like a stroll than a hike. There are a few steep areas, so be aware of that or avoid those trails (the white trail is the steepest when you turn off from the orange trail). The trails are very well marked with blazes fairly often. There’s a map at the beginning of the hike at the parking area you can take a picture of before setting off. Several wooden stakes are found around the area so there must be plans to add additional signage.

Blazes on the trees mark the area

Parking is available at the begging of the trail just off the road. Be careful though, that area can get muddy after a good rain.

We decided to also find a few geocaches on our way. Five geocaches are hidden by Tiny Superman throughout the conservation area. We found three during this trip. None of the ones we found were hard and they were all located not far off the trail. They would be great for kids or people new to geocaching. Veteran geocachers will also love the ability to pick up 5 well maintained caches around a beautiful area.

They can’t wait to see what goodies are in the geocache!

Our three dogs love to run. This area is great for them because it is quiet. Every time we have been there, we haven’t run into anywhere else. It is secluded so they can run without us worrying. Little Clementine has a Fit Bark so we were able to see she ran over 8 miles in less than 2 hours!

If you head down the white trail you end up next to a river. It’s a great place if your dogs love to swim like our do! Maybe avoid if during cold weather though if you don’t want your pups getting wet.

Clementine going for a swim!

Comet’s favorite activity is chewing on sticks. He’ll find a good one, lie down and chew it, and then pick it up and run to catch up with us. We just have to watch out to make sure we don’t get any sticks in the leg!

Comet and his favorite: sticks!

If you want to take a break during your walk, there are a few places to sit a spell. There is a Gathering Circle at the first intersections of the yellow and orange trail. There are plenty of benches and a large stage. It would be a great area for a picnic. Along the orange trail there are two benches for you to sit on as well while your dog explores.

Overall, this is a beautiful area with well maintained trails. If you are looking for a new places in Western Massachusetts to bring your dogs, add the Greenberg Family Conservation Area to your list. Don’t forget to download the geocaching app and bring that along for some extra fun!


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