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Northampton’s Unofficial Dog Park

The Smith Vocational & Agriculture School’s fields has become a haven for dogs. Fondly referred to as the Northampton “dog park,” the area is a go-to spot for dog owners across the Valley. It has miles of trails for you and your dog to explore. Take an easy and do a shorter loop or see all that the area has to offer.

dogs and people walking in forest
A cold winter day doesn’t stop us from walking!

The dog park has wide trails that are flat and easy to walk on. You walk past fields that are used for farming so please keep an eye on your dog and keep them from exploring too far. The school is kind enough to let dogs owners bring their dogs here even though the school still uses the area. The superintendent of the school addressed some of the problems that can occur from non-responsible dog owners.

Wide & flat trails for you and your dog!

Some areas is wooden, giving a change of scenery from the fields. A river also runs along the right side of one of the paths. Keep an eye out for some flying frisbees though as disc golf takes place in some of parts of the area! Some of the paths also can get muddy so don’t wear your best shoes.

Any one fancy a swim?

There is a large parking area right off the road. It can fill out pretty quickly, especially on the weekends. Be aware that it can get busy with a lot of dogs, many who are off leash. If you are looking to socialize your dog with new dogs, this is the place to go! Of course though, not all dogs want to be social. Keep your dog on a leash if you aren’t confident with their recall ability or how they will react to other off leash dogs. If you are looking for a quieter area, maybe check out the trails in Westhampton.

Cold days mean there is ice to roll in!

Overall, the Northampton “dog park! is a beautiful area to walk with your dogs. It is large and has lots of large paths. When you are looking for somewhere new to go, keep the Smith Farm Fields in mind. It is located off of Burts Pitt Road in Northampton, Mass.

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