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One Month in Crete: Reflection

I have now been in Crete for a month! It is crazy to think just a month ago I was still in my routine working full time in Dublin. My life is very different now! I want to take some time to reflect on the past month and explain my situation a bit for those who are new to the blog!

Deciding on The Nomad Pup

Back in the summer of 2018, I knew I needed a change. I like to push my comfort zone. I was too comfortable in my routine and I didn’t feel like I was learning or growing as fast as I would like.

So I started brainstorming what I would want to do. My college focuses on entrepreneurship so of course, I thought of what businesses I could start myself. I knew I wanted to travel but I also always wanted to have a dog of my own. I had the crazy thought, what if I could travel with my own dog? The research started then. A big shout out to Shandos from Travelnuity as her blog really helped me and showed that it was possible.

On August 30th, 2018 I made my Instagram, @thenomadpup, and started! I built up a website myself to blog on (this one!). The idea was I would build a community on Instagram and my blog ahead of time and then focus on my puppy once I got him. I planned to work with sponsors in order to fund the trip.

Fast forward 5 months and I followed through. I left my job and a few days later I was on a plane to a country I had never been to where I didn’t speak the language. I left all my friends and the life I knew to start over. To this day, I don’t regret it one bit.

Atlas being the cutie he is!

First Week in Crete

The first few days were tough. It was absolutely pouring rain and none of the shops in my area were open. I didn’t have my car yet. I didn’t know the bus schedule to get into the larger city. Eventually, I managed to order food and get it delivered, even though my street doesn’t even have a name. Then I got locked out of my Airbnb (my Airbnb host let me back in). This was all on the first full day there!

Over that first week I figured things out. I mastered the bus system. I found food. I worked on The Nomad Pup blog and I prepared for the puppy.

Adopting Atlas

On the 12th of February I rented a car and on the 13th I drove 3 and a half hours to the other side of the island to adopt my puppy. Then I drove 3 and a half hours back in pouring rain. The road that led me right to my house was closed. My phone was dead. I had a sleeping puppy in the car. I managed to figure out a detour and make it home, after a 4 hour car ride.

Since then, Atlas and I have been bonding and building our life together. He’s an energetic, fun, overall good puppy. He did get sick once which was one of the scariest things. One of the other puppies from the shelter died only a week after I got Atlas so I was terrified he had the same illness. Of course the day I brought him to the vet was terrible weather as well, but he got medicine and has been feeling better!

Now we definitely have a better rhythm and routine down!

Reflecting Back

On the best days it is sunny and beautiful outside. We play on the beach. I work outside while he plays in the yard. I love being in Crete and feel so grateful that this is my life.

On the worst days I wonder what I am doing here. Atlas doesn’t listen to me and drives me crazy. I’m lonely and bored.

Overall there are more good days than bad days.

Financially, I am still working on getting sponsors for the Instagram and blog. I am learning that is more of a long-term game to build an engaged audience that sponsors value. So now I am looking at building a separate business where I can make money quicker, and also looking at getting a part-time job as well.

I have loved living here with my puppy over the past month. I wouldn’t change a thing, even with all the hard times and downs. Already, I’ve learned so much. Especially about how capable I am and how much love I have to give. Atlas and I are making it work and I can’t wait to another month in Crete, before heading over to Croatia!

If you have any questions at all, please let me know. I love talking about my decision and my life in hopes of inspiring others to do what they love.

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