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Seitan Limani with a Dog

Seitan Limani is a hidden cove made famous by Instagram. If you are thinking about traveling to Seitan Limani with a dog, here is all about mine & Atlas’s trip there!

The view from the parking area before you hike down

Location & Transportation

Seitan Limani is not far from Chania, about a 40-minute drive away. The roads there are fairly straight forward and while it is more rural the closer you get, it is not a hard drive until you arrive.

Right before you get to the parking, you have to drive down the mountain. It is a steep decline that zig zags down the mountain. It is paved but there were some loose rocks on the road. Goats also looked on at us, but lucky for us they stayed out of the road. If you take the road slowly, you will be fine! Although we didn’t run into any other cars trying to come up…

Driving is really the only way to get there until you bike! There is no public transportation out there.

Atlas sitting on the beach!

Getting to The Beach

When you park your car, you aren’t exactly there yet. You are on top of the side of a cliff. You can look down and see the ocean and the small rocky beach. But to get down there you have to hike down!

I started to walk down with Atlas but it was quickly obvious that him pulling on the leash and both of us trying to keep our balance wasn’t going to work very well. Luckily, I had just bought a cross-body bag the day before so I put Atlas in that! I carried him all the way down the cliff. It was definitely slow going, especially because I was being extra careful while carrying the puppy. Yet it was doable!

Tobi and Neo getting ready to hike down! Right in front of them is where you have to head down

If you have a larger and older dog, you can let him off the leash so he can make his way down on his own. You have to be careful though, because there are goats that are roaming. Neo, the husky we visited with, was dead set on going to “play” with the goats, so he had to stay on a leash once we were on the beach.

Definitely consider a bag though if you have a smaller dog and you don’t want to let him off the lead to figure out the cliff himself.

Enjoying Seitan Limani

Once you make it down, it is a beautiful view. The cliffs go right into the sea and there’s a rocky shore for you to relax on. When we arrived, the sun was starting to go down so the light wasn’t the best. I would recommend getting there in the morning for the best pictures!

There were two divers who were taking underwater pictures while we were there. Other than that, the beach was empty! That’s because we went in March and later in the day, though. I have seen pictures on Instagram of it packed during the summer! I think that would ruin some of it’s magic so if you are planning on visiting in the summer, get there early!

Atlas enjoying the view!

Keep that in mind if you are going to visit with your dog in the summer, as it is not a large beach so it will fill up quickly. I was able to let Atlas run around since no one was there, but I wouldn’t have been able to if we visited at a busy time.

It is remote though, there is no bathrooms or food anywhere nearby – just the goats! So plan accordingly and make sure you bring a lot of water for you and the pup!


I loved Seitan Limani. It was gorgeous and seemed like it was out of a fairy tale. While the hike down and back up was a bit tough – and my legs were sore the next day – it was worth it and it made the beach all the sweeter. Atlas loved running around and I think he appreciated the beautiful views too!

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