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Slow Travel: A Former Fast Traveler’s Thoughts

I always worked full time or been in a school and had limited free days. I could only travel for a week max so I would rush from one place to the next. The past month, I’ve toyed with the idea of slow travel based on my fast travel experiences.

One of my recent trips, for example, was nonstop. I met my friends in Istanbul, Turkey and we spent 4 days there before going to Paris. We spent 1.5 days in Paris. It was non-stop every day. We woke up at 7 am and kept going from place to place all day. I am not exaggerating when I say, we literally saw all of Paris in one day.

Quick trips are amazing if you want to see everything you possibly can of a location in a short period of time.

Traveling in Istanbul Turkey
Me in Istanbul after running around all day as a Fast Traveler! I’m exhausted in this photo, which is why I am switching to Slow Travel.

For me, that trip a turned me off fast traveling. I did not like being exhausted every morning when I woke up and dreading another packed day. After the day, I was so tired I would crash into the bed at 7 pm before getting up to eat dinner.

I felt like I was just going through the motions, flying from one place to the next without really appreciating it. I visited Paris before so I didn’t feel the need to see all the tourist attractions possible in one day.

When I travel, I want to take care of myself first and foremost. Which includes getting enough sleep and taking it easy when I want to.

That is why when I was considering quitting my job and traveling full time I knew I wanted to slow travel.

I want to:

  • stay in one location for months and see what it would be like to live there (because I am living there!).
  • to take my time seeing the tourist attractions instead of rushing through them.
  • to be able to spend a day hiking or relaxing by the ocean without feeling guilty for missing out on something.

Plus, now that I will have a dog with me I want to give him or her time to relax and feel at home, not always being on the move. It gives us a home base to come back to that we both feel comfortable in.

The hardest part is deciding where to go!

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