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The Best Place To Bring Your Dog on a Walk in Dublin

Dublin is a great place to have a dog. There are so many parks and places to explore. Today I went to a doggy heaven: Killiney Hill. Here are a few reasons why it is the best place to bring your dog on a walk in Dublin.

Killiney Hill walking group, the perfect place to bring your dog on a walk
A beautiful fall day to go on a walk with your dog in Dublin

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

Everywhere you look, you see at least one dog! There are dogs playing together, dogs walking next to their owners, dogs on the lead and off the lead. If you want to socialize your dog with a lot of different types of dogs on your walk, this is the best place to go!

Cockapoo walking at Killiney Hill Park
Freddy was with his momma on a walk in Dublin at Killiney Hill Park!

The Views

While your dog might not care about the views, you sure do! See beautiful views of the coast from all sides. Look out to Howth and Dun Laoghaire on one side and Bray on the other, all from a sky-high viewpoint. These are some of the best views in all of Dublin, especially when it comes to places you can walk your dog.

A view from Killiney Hill
One view from the top of Killiney Hill

Paths To Walk

There are many choices of which way to walk. All of them loop back around and are not difficult. The hardest path was full of stairs but even that one would be easy by a “hiker’s standard.” I am in no way a hiker and I found it more like an enjoyable walk than a hike. Also, most of the paths are paved. There are so many new places and new smells to keep your pup entertained.

Rocky is a dog on an adventure walking in Dublin
This is Rocky, a 14 year old dog, who was walking in Killiney Hill Park!

Coffee Shop

No adventure would be complete with some coffee! There is a perfectly placed coffee shop where you can stop to grab a cup of joe or some grub. There is even a place to tie your pup up while you jump into the shop completely with water bowls. While I was there, five dogs were waiting for their owners as they grabbed some coffee or a bite to eat!

Leave your dogs while you grab a coffee on Killiney Hill
A perfect place to tie up your dog while you grab a well deserved coffee!

If you are looking for a new place to bring your dog on an adventure, I highly recommend Killiney Hill. You can not go wrong with the beautiful views and many paved paths. Your dog will love meeting new doggy friends and seeing new sights!

A special shout-out to Sophie from Any Gym for organizing this walk! If you are in the Dublin area check out Any Gym and if you want to join us next time check out the Facebook Group “Any Gym Outdoor Walking.”

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