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The Top 6 Best Dog Travel Blogs

Next year I will adopt a dog and start my travel adventure with him/her (once my lease is up!) but to help myself while I wait and to get ready I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about traveling with your dog. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite dog travel blogs and some standout posts from them. I hope you enjoy and it makes you as excited as I am to start planning my first trip!

dog travel blog
Dog travel blogs are so helpful and I read them all the time. Here are my mom’s two pups out in Northampton, MA, USA.


This was one of the first blogs I found about traveling with your dog and I love all of it. There is so much information about each location making it really helpful when planning trips. Shandos and Schnitzel do a great job of clearly explaining all you need to know to travel with your dog!

I recommend… 

Travelling With Europe With A Dog: The Ultimate GuideThis is my god-sent Bible for getting me ready to travel around Europe! I have already re-read it several times.

6 Tips For A Road Trip With Your Dog A great list of what to keep in mind when planning a road trip!

You Did What With Your Wiener?

I know, the best name! Jessica has two Dachshunds and great blog posts across a range of topics but she focuses on camping and hiking with dogs. She also offers great dog training tips, which I am definitely going to need!

I recommend… 

How To Travel More With Your Dog This is the exact blog post I needed to read. It inspired me to travel with my dog but also gave me concrete ideas and suggestions for how to make it possible. And here I am taking action writing this post!

How to Crate Train an Adult Dog or Puppy Crate training is something I haven’t done before but it will be necessary to raise a nomad pup, so I appreciate all the tips I can read!

Long Haul Trekkers

This family has such a beautiful website and great blog posts. I found myself clicking into more and more posts. They are very inspiring, often traveling by bike! They have information about almost everything you can think.
I recommend…

Flying With a Dog: Is it Safe? Flying with my nomad pup is my number one concern. This post helped put some of the concerns at ease while providing me with a list of important questions to ask.

Travel With a Dog Gear GuideI know I wouldn’t have even thought of bringing dog nail clippers if it wasn’t for this post!

The Ramble

Gigi has more of an overall travel website but also travels with a dog! She provides great insight into locations and also how to be location-independent. She sells comprehensive city guides right on her website!

I recommend…

Full-Time Travel for Introverts This post resonated and spoke of the kind of travel I want to do as an introvert myself

The Secret to Making Your Biggest Dreams Feel More Manageable I won’t give away her secret but I definitely agree and it is something I have already done myself!

Montecristo’s Travels

Montecristo is such a cute little pup and the blog is in all in his voice! He shares personal experiences across locations and he even has a children’s book!

I recommend…

So Many Options for Eating in Budapest With Your Dog This made me put Budapest on my list of places I have to go!

5 Tips and Tricks For Photographing Your Traveling Pet Packed full of the best advice for photographing pups while traveling!

The Tropical Dog

Maria and Shark are the first travel partners I’ve found that focus on travel in South America. I’ve loved reading about this duo’s travels across the continent opening up these countries as possible places to visit with nomad pup! They also have great travel videos.

I recommend…

Traveling With A Dog in Bolivia I can not wait to travel with my dog around South America, and Bolivia is on that list thanks to this post!

Plan A Trip With A Dog: 6 Useful Website Helpful insight into ways to plan your trip!

There are more out there but there are just a few of what I think are the top dog travel blogs out there! Who did I miss? I might make another blog post highlighting more soon.

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