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What to Buy for a New Puppy Before Meeting Him

I’m in Crete now but before I got here, I ordered a lot of supplies for my puppy! I knew I wouldn’t have much time in Greece before I got my puppy, I wanted to make sure I had the basics already so he could settle in as quickly as possible.

For those of you who don’t know me – I am traveling around Europe with a puppy I will be adopting from Crete, Greece!

I haven’t met him yet, so I guessed how big he was based off of the videos I had seen. He looks very small and the shelter owner guesses that he will be about 6kg fully grown.

Here’s what I bought for my new puppy before I even met him (or am in the same country as him)! I ordered all of these to arrive in Ireland, so I am not sure about the availability to other countries. Click on the link in the title to be taken to the Amazon UK store page!

Collar, harness, and leash

I picked a set that had a collar, harness, and leash. He is going to grow so I probably won’t have this one for very long, so I wasn’t too worried about the quality. I especially wasn’t too worried yet because I had to guess his size – I could be completely wrong! It feels really soft and a nice material. The buckles and loops are plastic. The buckles are a little hard to undo because they are so small, but they might get easier as I use them. The leash is rope with a little handle. I am overall happy with the purchase and am excited to see my little man wearing it.


My pup needs to be crate trained as I will be staying in Airbnbs with him and I don’t want to ruin other people’s houses! The traditional metal crates though aren’t very transportable for someone living on the road. So I decided to go with a playpen. I am still a little hesitant about it because I have heard that some are flimsy so the dog can just collapse it themselves. The one I got seems sturdy so far. It is small enough when folded that it can fit in my backpack but it has plenty of space for the pup. I plan to let him play in it open during the day and then have him sleep in it at night. I hope that he will love it and be happy when he has to stay in there when I’m out!

This is my puppy! This is one of the only photos I have of it so I have to guess his size!

Carrier case

I needed a case that would fit under airplane seats, be good on trains, and for car travel. I settled on this one because it had the loops for the seat belt in the car and seemed large enough while still within airplane regulation size. I’m not sure if I will be able to carry him on airplanes when he is bigger. If he doesn’t get any larger than 6kg I should be able to, which would be nice! This carrier also has a nice soft bottom. So far it is good, but the real test will be if the puppy likes it and if we can manage to travel with all my backpacks and him in the carrier.


This is literally the softest blanket I have ever felt. I wanted to get a blanket that I could put in his playpen and in his carrier and would act as a comfort for him. The reviews said it was soft but I still could not believe how soft it is. If I had a blanket this soft, I would never leave my bed! I hope the puppy feels the same way so he is happy in his playpen and carrier!

First-Aid Kit

A necessity for any dog owner, and especially for one traveling! I bought a larger one that is for both people and dogs. I wanted to make sure I am prepared for whatever may happen. Eventually, I might add a few more items just to make sure it is complete, although it looks pretty full currently! Hopefully I don’t have to use it anytime soon but I am glad I have it!


I picked up a few toys on discount from our local pet store and was gifted one from a friend. I have to keep the number of toys I have down because they have to travel with us! We will see what ones he likes the best.

Treats & Food

This is the one part I’m holding off on. I will probably pick up some treats soon but I will wait to see what food he has been getting before buying some. The shelter will give me some to give him for a while.

What else am I forgetting about that I need to buy? Let me know in the comments! I know I will have to pick up a few things once I’m on the ground but I think that is a pretty good start!

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